Loofah Soap


Flavour(s): Herbal Rose & Honey and Many Other Flavours are Available

Weight: 100 gm

Ingredient: Herbal

Facility Available: OEM/ODM

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Loofah Soap

Loofah Soaps are great to use along with loofah sponges that help in removing the dead skin cells and detoxifying your skin. It is a best exfoliating bar soap that gently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, leaving skin looking radiant, healthy, and smooth. Exfoliation enhances circulation, removes calluses, and also helps to prevent ingrown hairs on the face and body.

Benefits of Loofah Soaps

The significant advantage of Natural Loofah Soap is that they are entirely natural hence they do not leave any side effects and chemical residues:

  • It is helpful in making the cellulite disappear, regenerate the cell production in skin and improve the circulation of blood.
  • The loofah helps in unclogging pores to allow skin to breathe freely.
  • Natural Loofah Sponges are also a perfect solution to your entire medium to deep exploiting needs.
  • This leaves the skin incredibly fresh with¬†shredded loofah bar soaps.
  • The loofah glove has exfoliating and softening properties by removing dead skin. It also stimulates the tissues and promotes blood circulation to drive the dimpling, which reduces cellulite.
  • The luffa seeds produce edible oil. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, it uses as in cosmetics for its repairing functions.
  • After treating with the Loofah bar soaps, it leaves a spa style result with affordable bath luxury.

Natural Content

Natural loofah bar soaps combines the cleansing and moisturising abilities with exfoliating abilities of loofah to allow you to cleanse. Loofahs bar soaps to be stored in a dry cool place away from excess moisture to eliminate the possible bacteria. Loofah sponge is a natural fibre used as a sponge. It is also completely compostable and unbleached.


100 Pieces

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Shrink Wrap of Soap with Standard Cartoon Packing.

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