Jute Promotional Bags


Material: 15×14 Supreme Quality 100% Jute-290GSM

Size: W:16 H:14 G:6 Inch;W:14 H:14 G:5 Inch & as per Customization Available

Feature: Reusable/Eco-Friendly

Facility Available: ODM/OEM

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Jute Promotional Bags

Jute Promotional bags are bio-degradable eco-friendly shopping bags and tend to be the most popular product on the market. Hessian fabrics are excellent raw materials for jute bags, which increasingly replacing the polythene material bags.

On the business hand, using promotional jute bags is one of the best ways to promote their organisation and brand name in a socially responsible manner. As a result, many companies adopt this ecologically friendly way of promoting their brand. These bags are a new, popular item in industry-wide.

Uses of Jute Promotional Bags

The printed jute promotional bags bear the name and logo of the organisation and also have various environment-friendly properties. The following other many benefits are as:

  • It uses for branding, bags uses as high-quality marketing tools as we can print anything onto our bags.
  • These bags are of high level natural fibres that they are durable and very quickly disposable.
  • These Jute Promo Bags are designed to cover all bases and all promotional requirements with a robust eco-friendly note.
  • Today’s jute promotional bags feature impressive, engaging styling that shows your brand, message or decorated with your company logo in the best possible way and will help to drive public awareness to the target audience.

Replace Polythene with Jute Bags

Polythene Bags are non-biodegradable which decreases the fertility of farmland and affects the biodiversity. Jute bags are not only low on cost but it is also abundantly available. Jute is an ideal material like other natural fibres such as cotton, canvas etc. Promote your organisation and brand creatively and economically with it. These bags will serve as long-term, a cost-effective walking advertisement for your company.



1000 Pieces

Packing Details

CTN Size: 43X43X45 cm

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As per Sales of Contract

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Any Port of India


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