Glycerin Soap


Flavour(s): Mix fruit, Turmeric & Sandal, Jasmine, Lemon, Apricot Scrub and Many Other Flavours are Available.

Weight: 125 gm

Ingredient: Herbal

Facility Available: OEM/ODM

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Glycerin Handmade Soap

Glycerin Handmade soap is a natural skin care product which acts as a solution for maintaining a healthy level of hygiene. It is a natural clear viscous liquid derived from the components of animal fats and mixed oils.

Glycerol is obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of soap. Hand-crafted glycerin soaps that contain all-natural ingredients, rather than synthetic detergents, may be significantly more expensive than those that are mass produced.

Benefits of Glycerin Soap

Glycerin, which acts as a natural emollient, absorbs the moisture from the air thereby benefiting the skin to keep it hydrated:

  • Glycerin mainly utilises for medicinal use and personal care.
  • All handcrafted soaps usually contain glycerin, which helps to cure dry skin problems.
  • Glycerin soap naturally has a low pH; the skin can retain its moisture and also keeping it hydrated all the time.
  • People those who are allergic to chemicals products or synthetic soaps can use natural glycerin handmade soap to their benefit.
  • Glycerin handmade soap can be a natural cleanser for your skin and also helps to get rid of the excess oils and dirt that clogs the skin.
  • Regular use of glycerin soap is effective for acne prone skin and also helps keep the acne dismissing away.

Glycerin Content    

In most handmade and artisan-crafted soaps, glycerin is a primary ingredient. Highly glycerinated clear soaps generally contain about 15 to 20 per cent pure glycerin. These soaps are popular as “melt and pour soaps“, it melts at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit and solidifies quickly. Glycerin Homemade Soap bases contain glycerin, acts as unique and distinct from the other soaps. Due to their high glycerin content, these soaps are very moisturising to the skin. However, the high glycerin content also means that these soaps will dissolve more quickly in water than soaps with less glycerin content.


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