Butter Soap


Flavour(s): Mint & Sesame seeds, Lavender & Ylang with Lavender Flowers, Woody Sandal & Honey, Rose & Honey with Rose Petals and Many Other Flavours are Available

Weight: 100 gm

Ingredient: Herbal

Facility Available: OEM/ODM

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Butter Soaps

In general, butter is a proven for skin, and it is natural emollient that easily absorbed into the skin. Among various kinds of kinds of butter, it is essential to make the best butter soap of your choice which suits your skin type. These pure hand-made soaps prepare with butter that creates a sudsy lather while moisturising your skin with all-natural ingredients.

Benefits of butter soap products

Butter comes from various natural bases, which is the most abundant source of vitamin A and fatty acids. The following other many benefits of Butter handmade bar soaps are below:

  • Butter handmade bar soaps are organic, long lasting, and also suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
  • It is popular for its ultra-moisturising properties add a luxurious feel to products.
  • It is sustainable ingredients, safe for use on both the face and sensitive skin.
  • These rich, nutritious unrefined butter handmade bars add to the smoothness and skin-conditioning properties.
  • After treating with the hand-made butter bar soaps, it leaves a protective barrier on the skin to help moisturise without feeling greasy.

Pure Butter Soaps

Pure butter handmade soap is enhanced with specific kind of butter flavour and coconut oil, which are known to moisturise and protect the skin. This rich and creamy bar is triple milled so that it is long lasting. 100% Pure Butter Soap possesses excellent emollient triple-milled formula. It infuses your skin with antioxidant-rich moisture as it is free from all toxins and other pollutants. These handcrafted butter soaps contained seasonally inspired scents and coloured with natural colourants. There are no chemical preservatives or chemical fragrances added to these handmade bar products.


100 Pieces

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Shrink Wrap in Soap with Standard Cartoon Packing

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